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Name: Naomi Ellen Watts
Date of Birth: September 28, 1968
Place of Birth: Shoreham, Kent, England
Height: 5′ 5″
Family: Parents Peter Watts and Myfanwy (“Miv”) Edwards, Brother Ben Watts
Marital Status: Dating Billy Crudup
Childen: Alexander “Sasha” Pete Schreiber, born July 2007 and Samuel “Sammy” Kai Schreiber born December 2008

Early Life

Naomi Ellen Watts was born September 28, 1968 to her parents, Peter Watts and Myfanwy Edwards, in Shoreham, Kent, England. During the time her father was road manager and sound engineer for rock bands. Peter died of a heroin overdose in August 1976. Miv then moved the family to North Wales to leave with her parents. Naomi grew up in a very creative family. Her mother was a costume designer. She worked on the soap opera Return to Eden. Her mother also an actress in theater. It was by watching her mother and the movie Fame that lead Naomi to want to be an actress.

At 14, Watts then moved to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia with her mother and brother. Her mother enrolled Naomi in acting when the moved to Australia. She first auditioned for television ads and met actress Nicole Kidman. Her first film role was in 1986. It was for the drama For Love Alone. Naomi attended both Mosman High School and North Sydney Girls High School but never graduated. Naomi became a model at age 18. She had several auditions in Japan but not came of it and she returned to Sydney. She then worked at a department store in advertising and that job lead her to becoming assistant fashion editor for the magazine Follow Me. Naomi was invited to attend a drama workshop. This lead her to quit her job and pursue her dreams.

Early Career

In 1990, she appeared in several episodes of the Australian sitcom Hey Dad..! She also met John Duigan during the 1989 premiere of Dead Calm, which featured Nicole Kidman, and he offered her a supporting role in the indie film Flirting which came out in 1991. Next in 1991 she took the role of Frances Heffernan in the mini-series Brides of Christ and as Julie Gibson on the soap opera Home and Away.

She then visited Los Angeles and took a year off. Nicole Kidman introduced her to some agents. Naomi was encouraged and decided to move to America. Naomi then had a small role in the 1993 film, Matinee. She briefly returned to Australia to star in three films. The first was Wide Sargossa Sea, the second was The Custodian, the third was Gross Misconduct which was her first leading role. She then moved backed to America but had trouble finding work.

In 1995, she eventually landed a role in the Tank Girl as Jet Girl. Naomi then starred in Under The Lighthouse Dancing in 1997. In 1998, she did the TV movie The Christmas Wish and a supporting role in the film Dangerous Beauty. Naomi played Alice in the romantic comedy Strange Planet and Holly Maddux in The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer.


In 1999, she was cast in Mulholland Drive.It was originally going to be a television series but the pilot was not picked up. So then it became a movie instead. In 2001, it was eventually released at the Cannes Film Festival to wide acclaim. She also starred in two short films, Never Date an Actress and Ellie Parker, and the horror film The Shaft in 2001. In 2002, she starred in The Ring, Rabbits, Plots With A View, and The Outsider. Naomi also began a relationship with Heath Ledger that year.

Steady Acclaim

In 2003, she was in the films Ned Kelly, Le Divorce, and 21 Grams. 21 Grams earned Naomi her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress. She then starred in the film We Don’t Live Here Anymore, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, and I Heart Huckabees in 2004. Heath and Naomi also split up that year. In 2005 she appeared in the films Ellie Parker, The Ring Two, Stay, and the remake of King Kong. Naomi also began a relationship with Liev Schreiber. Her next films were The Painted Veil and Inland Empire in 2006. In 2007, Naomi was in Eastern Promises and Funny Games. She also became a mother that year with the birth of her son Sasha. The following year she gave birth to her second son Sammy and took some time off to take care of them.

Return to Acting

In 2009, she appeared in the films The International and Mother and Child. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Fair Game were movies Naomi starred in 2010. In 2011, took roles in Dream House and J. Edgar. She earned her second Oscar nomination for the 2012 film The Impossible. In 2013, she starred in Movie 43, Adore, Sunlight Jr., and Diana. She appeared in Birdman, St. Vincent, and While Were Young in 2014. In 2015, she took roles in Insurgent, The Sea of Trees, Demolition, and 3 Generations. Naomi appeared in Allegiant, Chuck, and Shut In in 2016. She also split up with Liev in that year.


In 2017 she appeared in the television shows Gypsy and Twin Peaks. She also starred in the films The Glass Castle and The Book of Henry that year.

Latest Projects
  • Ophelia
    Ophelia 2018
    Gertrude / Mechtild
    A re-imagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective.
  • Luce
    Luce 2019
  • The Wolf Hour
    The Wolf Hour 2019
    June Leigh
    June was once a celebrated counter-culture figure, but that was a decade ago. She now lives alone in her South Bronx apartment, having all but cut herself off from the outside world. It's the notorious "Summer of Sam" and June only has to look out of her window to see the violence escalating with the brutal summer heat. The city is on a knife's edge, a pressure-cooker about to explode into the incendiary 1977 New York blackout riots.
  • Boss Level
    Boss Level 2019
    Jemma Wells
    A retired special forces officer is trapped in a never ending time loop on the day of his death.
  • The Burning Season
    The Burning Season 2019
    June Engle
    A scientist brings her teenage daughter to a remote region of Madagascar, where her determination to save endangered lemurs puts their relationship and safety at risk.
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